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Me and Ruarri Joseph
Conor Quinn EP Artwork Golden KidsGalia Arad Ooh La Baby Album Cover
Lucky Bones Album Cover Someones Son Shadow Boxer
Liz Seaver's Album artwork for Turbulent Bliss Royseven's Eamonn and Darragh
Jupe We Are Moving - Sive's debut album artwork
Kurtis Murphy with Family and Gavin James Evora's Album Artwork from their debut album Hurry Up Before I Die
Janna and her accompaniest Rita Marlé and friend
Sinéad White and some of The Young Folk Slow Skies EP Silhouette Artwork
Jason Clarke and Band
Leaders of Men
Yellowbridge and Friends Amelia Curran Spectators
Shadows and Dust Suzanne Savage Jellymould
Galia and Me Roisin O The Secret Live of Blue
Coronas Closer To You
Christmas at The Ruby Sessions Hudson Taylor with Danny O'Reilly
Heathers Kingdom Gavin James

Galia Arad Ooh La Baby
The Hard Ground Broken Conversations Cano In The Willows
Superblondes Rachel Austin
Cano Flamenco Guitarist Orla Gartland Single Launch
Les Marionettes SolarTaxi
Relatives Bill Coleman Album Artwork
Jess Klein Behind a Veil Mundy
Frightened Rabbit State Hospital Me with Darcy and Podge from Ham Sandwich
Peter Doran Overhead the Stars Ham Sandwich
Cat Dowling The Well Runs Dry
Jake Morley Ghostess Liz Lawrence Bedroom Heroes
Sara Gerdine
Gypsies on the Autobahn Scott Jackson
Little Green Cars Orla Gartland and Lauren Aquilina
Nell Bryden The Young Folk Raglans
Toy Soldier
Ewa Gigon with Dorota Konczewska
Leaders of Men Leaders of Men
Flaming June Poster Craig Walker Katie Kim Cover and Flood
Laura Sheeran Explosions on the Runway Peter Mulvey Album The Good Stuff
Duke Special Jerry Hannan
Wallis Bird Suzanne Rhatigan single - Days with a Y Bona Fide Federation
Me with Darcy and Podge from Ham Sandwich Ham Sandwich
The Mandolas Duke Special
Oh Pioneer Aaron Shanley and Ciaran Lavery
The Mandolas The Riptide Movement Michael Maclennan
FiachJunah Gavin JamesGar Clemens Gar and Aoife Robb Murphy
Robb Murphy's Single Robb Murphy with Friends Cry Monster Cry Cry Monster Cry's EP artwork
Wyvern Lingo
Rainy Boy Sleep Tara Harrison and Briana Corrigan
Courtey Yasmineh and Tara HarrisonShannonCourtney Yasmineh
Jonathon sound guy!Mongoose The Man WhomThe Rambleers
Orla GartlandThe Rambleers Steve
The Man WhomI'm Your Vinyl, Keith Moss, Saccade